2023 Taoxichuan Spring & Autumn Art Fair

장소 : Jingdezhen, China

기간 : 2023.10.17 - 10.19

참여작가: 김지수, 오지은, 이지은, 송인범, 하신혁

Based on the protection and utilization of the heritage of ceramic industry, tao xichuan is a compound project integrating industrial development and upgrading with new towns. It is a regional name as well as a brand name.Project with ceramic culture as the base, with wen gen industry formats, and makes the traditional + fashion + + high-tech cities and blocks, implements the traditional and modern production and life, culture and science and technology, the depth of the fusion, become a new landmark, the culture of jingdezhen city new business CARDS, high attention by the social from all walks of life, formed the "TaoXiChuan" phenomenon.